The busy and sedentary lifestyle has minimized the regular physical activities of everyone. Movement or staying active is necessary for every human being. Since the pandemic, more of our routine has shifted to a new paradigm like the rise of online work from home which has reduced the active lifestyle. Daily physical activity is necessary to boost the immune system, keep depression at bay, and prevent all forms of chronic conditions.  

All physical therapists recommend everybody to have some form of physical activity during the day. Physical therapists guide you by providing education, and tips to improve the quality of your life. There are plenty of tips that can assist you in staying active but the most essential ones have been mentioned in this article.

  1. Keep Moving

To move and have some sort of physical activity is essential for good health and more particularly when you are in the adult age phase or beyond. It is always recommended to have a physical activity of 30 minutes of such nature that not only enhances the heart rate but also challenges breathing. It is not necessary to have 30 minutes of physical activity in one go, instead, you can have three 10-minute sessions at different times. Some people who find it difficult to engage in exercises or yoga and consider it hard to keep up with this routine can instead go for the sports of their interest like cricket, football, and badminton to mention a few. However, make sure you do not suffer any sports injury due to the lack of muscle strength and firmness. So always start with less and then increase daily.

  1. Maintain Muscle Strength

Our muscles usually lose strength when we’re not so active and we sit most of the is essential to build muscle strength which can not be built only by following a proper diet or having a mere walk routine. Instead, you need to have a proper physical exercise session to build your muscles. Start from an easy 30-minute easy level routine and then move to an advanced level with time.

You can choose exercise videos from the internet on mobile or can even stream them on the Television. Always make sure that you select the right level of difficulty. The better option is to consult your physical trainer or therapist to recommend you the exercises according to your concerns.

  1. Stretch Daily

Another popular way is a 30-minute stretching routine which is crucial to staying fit. Stretching routines can be of three different levels: easy, moderate, and advanced. It is not necessary to always be from the easy level. You can pick the right level depending on your fitness, concerns, and age. 

Besides that, avoid the routine of constant sitting for a long time. Stretching helps in keeping your body flexible and active. Never begin the stretching exercise immediately. Instead, warm up yourself for 5 minutes with normal beginning warmup exercises and then begin your stretching session.